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Desktop SUN PC KVM Matrix Switch

dual video server switch, audio PC SUN switcher

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KVM Matrix Switch Options

Options for SUN PC KVM Matrix Switch include USB-SUN adapter,
desktop chassis, audio, dual video and display data channel (DDC).

Desktop Enclosure

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NODEMUX ST-2x8-u-DT (Front & Back)
with optional Desktop Enclosure
NTI Part # # of Users # of CPUs Size (mm)
ST-2X8U-DT 28 254x190x83
ST-4X8U-DT 48 254x190x83

USB To Sun Adapter

Sun PC SUN to USB Adapter

USB-SUN Adapter
(Front & Back)
The USB-SUN Adapter connects a SUN USB-enabled computer (SUN Blade 100, 1000, SUN Ray & SUN Fire 280 and other USB-enabled SUN computers) to an NTI SUN PC KVM Switch. It fully supports special keys on Sun keyboards.
  • Size (mm) WxDxH  (63x40x25).
  • A .5 meter USB Cable (USB-AB-05M) is supplied with adapter.
  • Female 8 pin miniDIN and Female USB Type B connectors.
  • A SKTINT-xx-MM cable connects the unit to the NTI switch.
  • NTI KVM Switches with Sun PC keyboard inputs include the:
    • The ST-xU SUN PC Multi-Platform KVM Switch.
    • The ST-nXm-U SUN PC KVM Matrix Switch.
    • Download a PDF ManualDownload PDF manual
  • Warranty: Two years