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Quad screen splitter, display four video inputs one monitor

USB DVI KVM switch built-in screen splitter, video share switch

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Quad Screen Splitter

Simultaneously display and monitor video signals from four different computers or video sources
on a single screen. Cascade splitters to display up to sixteen video sources on a single screen.

Also known as: Quad Screen Splitter, USB DVI KVM switch built-in quad splitter,
monitor four video inputs simultaneously one screen, video quad display, quad monitor.
RoHS Compliant Quad Screen Splitter SPLITMUX-DVI-4
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SPLITMUX-DVI-4 (Front & Back)

Additional Product Information

View Application Note Application Note: Display video from four computers simultaneously on multiple screens and switch the audio to different speakers.
View Application Note Application Note: Save Space on Mobile Video Surveillance Missions.
View Application Note Application Note: Cascade multiple Quad Screen Splitters to connect up to 16 video sources to one display.
View Data Sheet Data Sheet: (PDF)

Features & Applications

The Quad Screen Splitter allows you to simultaneously display and monitor video signals from four different computers and/or video sources on a single screen. Additionally, the SPLITMUX can switch one of the four attached computers to a shared keyboard and mouse for operation.
  • Quad, Picture in Picture, Full Screen, Dual, and Fade Through Black display modes.
  • Independent video in to video out resolution.
  • Supports up to 1600x1200 VGA video resolution and 1900x1200 DVI video resolution.
  • Accepts analog and digital video signals simultaneously.
  • Connect analog and digital devices to the splitter, and display images on a digital or analog monitor.
  • Supports digital DVI and analog VGA.
  • Equipped with On Screen Display (OSD).
  • Cascade SPLITMUX Quad Screen Splitters to display video from up to 16 video sources on one screen.
  • Screen protection feature hides "no signal" notifications after 10 seconds to prevent image burn-in.
  • Touch Screen support ・operate connected computers via touch screen.
  • Front-panel push buttons and hotkeys for channel selection.
  • LED indicators on switch show which port is active.
  • Fully compliant with USB (1.0, 1.1) standards.
  • Supports USB or legacy PS/2 computers.
  • Supports English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese keyboard layouts.
  • Supports digital DVI devices, such as DVD players, satellite receivers and HDTV tuners.
  • PCs, SUNs and MACs can be booted simultaneously.
  • USB SUN start-up keys are supported.
  • Supports MAC soft (keyboard) power-on.
  • Connect BNC/RCA composite video devices, such as a security camera, using NTI痴 BNCSV-VGA-CNVTR BNC to VGA converter.



  • Female DVI-I single link connectors.
  • Female USB Type B connectors.
  • Female 6-pin miniDIN connectors.
  • Supports USB and PS/2 computers.
  • Multiplatform support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Server 2000/2003/2008, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and MAC OS 9/10.
  • Supports digital DVI devices, such as DVD players, satellite receivers and HDTV tuners.
  • Any VGA computer can be connected by using a DVI-I to VGA cable (included).


  • Supports crisp and clear VGA video resolution up to 1600x1200 and DVI video resolution up to 1900x1200.
  • Female DVI-I connector.
  • A VGA monitor can be connected by using a DVI-I to VGA cable (included).


  • Female USB Type A connectors.
  • Compatible with most USB keyboards and mice.
  • Keyboard and mouse are hot-pluggable.
  • Supports keyboard layouts in multiple languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Connect legacy PS/2 devices by using a USB to PS/2 converter (included).
  • Support for touch screens with the elo AccuTouch 2116 Controller, or the TSharc Octopus Controller.
  • Support for KVM over IP extenders to control the Quad Screen Splitter remotely in quad mode or PiP mode.


  • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via IEC connector.
  • Power consumption: 40W


  • WxDxH (mm): 438x241x44
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Rackmount kit included.

Regulatory Approval

  • CE, FCC, RoHS

Package Includes

  • SPLITMUX Quad Screen Splitter.
  • Rack mount kit.
  • Four 2-meter 6-pin miniDIN Y-cables.
  • Four 2-meter USB male type A to male type B cables.
  • Two 2-meter DVI-I male to male cable.
  • Two 2-meter DVI-I to VGA male to male cable.
  • USB to PS/2 converter
  • Serial update cable.


  • Two years
SPLITMUX-DVI-4 Application Drawing

Display Modes

Built-in Control

Quad Mode

  • In quad mode, the screen is split into four fields of equal size each displaying the entire contents of four different video sources.

Full Screen Mode

  • In full screen mode, one of the four computers' video sources is displayed in full screen size and maximum resolution.

Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode

  • In PIP mode, the full screen display of one of the four video sources is accompanied by one or three small images (thumbnails) of the three other video sources on the right hand margin of the screen allowing simultaneous monitoring.
  • Size, position and selection of the thumbnails are customizable.

Dual Mode

  • In dual mode, the left halves of the full screen images from two video sources are displayed side by side at full size.

Fade Through Black

  • When switching channels or display modes, the previous image fades out to black, and the next image fades in from black.
  • Customizable with five speed settings, and can be enabled or disabled by the user.

Front Panel Interface

  • Use front panel buttons to locally change ports or to select a display mode.
  • LEDs indicate currently selected port and display mode.


  • Use hotkey commands or hotmouse commands to select display mode and to select ports.

On Screen Display (OSD)

  • Select display modes and computers with On Screen Display (OSD).
  • Use the front panel buttons or your keyboard to operate the OSD.
  • OSD controls for hotkeys, OSD position, quad mode, PIP mode, brightness, contrast, phase, Horz- and Vert-center alignment adjustment.


  • Control the unit with XML-based protocol via the RS232 port.

Composite Video + S-Video to VGA Converter

BNC + S-Video to VGA Converter
  • Use to connect BNC/RCA composite video devices, such as security cameras, to the SPLITMUX-DVI-4
  • Output Resolution: 800×600@60HZ, 800×600@75HZ, 1024×768@60HZ
  • Video Inputs: one female BNC, one female S-Video, and one female VGA
    • Includes a male BNC to female RCA adapter for connecting RCA composite video devices.
  • Video Output: one female VGA
  • Supports NTSC/PAL

Quad Screen Splitter

NTI Part # Description Download a PDF Manual
SPLITMUX-DVI-4 Quad screen splitter w/ KVM switch Download PDF Manual

BNC + S-Video to VGA Converter

NTI Part # Description
BNCSV-VGA-CNVTR BNC + S-Video to VGA Converter

Compatible Video Cables & Adapters

DVI-I Male to Male Dual Link Extension Cable

NTI Part # Length (meters)
DVI-IS-3-MM 0.9
DVI-IS-6-MM 1.8
DVI-IS-10-MM 3

VGA Male to Male Extension Cable

NTI Part # Length (meters)
VEXT-3-MM 0.9
VEXT-6-MM 1.8
VEXT-10-MM 3

DVI-I Male to VGA Female Adapter

NTI Part #
DVIM-15HDF Connects a VGA monitor to a video card with a DVI output