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USB KVM Matrix Switch

KVM USB LCD Matrix Switcher

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VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch

How to allow up to eight users to control up to 32 USB-enabled PC, SUN and MAC computers

Also known as: USB KVM Matrix Switch, USB KVM Matrix Switch,
KVM Matrix Switches, multiple platform cpu switch.
RoHS Compliant USB KVM Matrix Switch

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

The UNIMUX-nXm-U Multi-Platform KVM Matrix Switch: how to allow up to 8 users to individually command or simultaneously share up to 32 computers.
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UNIMUX-4X16-U (Front & Back)

Additional Product Information

View Application Note Application Note: Multiple Users Can Control Multiple USB Computers Located 305 Meters Away Using CAT5 UTP Cable
View Data Sheet Data Sheet (PDF)
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2X8 4X8 8X8
2X16 4X16 8X16
2X32 4X32 8X24

Features & Applications

The USB KVM Matrix switch allows up to eight users to individually command or simultaneously share up to 32 USB computers. Access USB-enabled PC, SUN, and MAC computers using USB keyboards and mice, and VGA multiscan monitors.

USB host computers and USB devices can be hot-plugged or removed at any time. Allows any USB device (keyboard and/or mouse) to control any attached USB host computer. International keyboard layouts are supported in auto-detection mode, or can be manually selected via the On Screen Display (OSD) menu.
  • Equipped with OSD, Liquid Crystal Display, and RS232.
  • Rackmount is standard on all UNIMUX-nXm-U models. The smaller models are also available in a desktop case.
  • Dedicated microprocessors prevent computers from locking up, ensuring reliable control.
  • Fully compliant with USB standards (1.0, 1.1).
  • The advanced OSD user interface with password security makes the UNIMUX USB KVM Matrix Switch simple and reliable to use in Enterprise data centers.
  • Computers can be shared or used exclusively.
  • Crestron® compatible.



  • Female 15-pin HD and female USB Type B connectors.
  • Supports PCs with USB-enabled OS (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP) and USB ports.
  • Supports PCs with USB-enabled BIOS (legacy USB support) and USB ports.
  • Supports SUN Blade 100, SUN Blade 1000, SUN Fire™ 240 and SUN Ray.
  • Supports MAC G4, G5 and Xserve.
  • Supports MAC soft (keyboard) power-on.
  • Any legacy PS/2 or SUN computer can be connected by using a USB-PS2-R or USB-SUN-R adapter.


  • Crisp and clear 1900x1200 resolution.
  • Female 15-pin HD connectors.
  • A multiscan VGA monitor is required to display the different video outputs from different platforms.
  • Bandwidth is 150 MHz.


  • Interface cables between your computers and the switch are required for proper operation. Use USBVEXT-xx-MM and standard interface cables to connect switches to computers.
  • Cables not included.


  • Female USB Type A connectors.
  • Compatible with most USB keyboards and mice, including Microsoft USB Intellimouse®, Logitech Cordless Elite Duo keyboard and mouse, Gyration keyboard/mouse and Crystal Vision keyboard with touchpad.
  • Keyboard and mouse are hot-pluggable.
  • USB MAC and SUN startup keys are supported on all platforms of input devices.
  • Keystrokes are translated across platforms.


  • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz.
  • The UNIMUX-2X8-U and the UNIMUX-4X8-U (desktop and rackmount) use AC adapters as their power source.
  • Power consumption: 2X8: 10W, 2X16: 15W, 2X32: 30W, 4X8: 15W, 4X16: 25W, 4X32: 40W, 8X8: 25W, 8X16: 25W, 8X24: 35W, 8X32: 35W

Regulatory Approvals

  • CE (Available on all models except UNIMUX-2X8-UDT and UNIMUX-4X8-UDT ), RoHS


  • Two years

Control Methods


  • Type <Ctrl> + <`> to go into Command Mode.
  • Press <ESC> to leave Command Mode and return to Normal Mode.
  • Use the keyboard to command the switchbox to select ports or configure the Scan, Sharing and Broadcast Modes.
    • Normal Operating Mode allows the user to directly operate the selected computer with a transparent presence of the NTI switch.
    • Sharing Mode allows users to share the same computer.
    • Command Mode allows the user to give instructions to the switch through their keyboard. Keystrokes are not passed to the computer.
    • Scan Mode feature causes the switch to automatically and sequentially display the video from each selected powered on computer for a duration of 2-255 seconds (programmable by the user).
    • Broadcast Mode allows the user's keystrokes to be sent to all selected powered on computers.

Front Panel Interface

  • Locally change ports with front panel buttons.
  • Use front panel buttons to move through LCD screens and execute actions.
  • LCD indicates currently selected port for each user.
  • Use buttons to configure RS232 control.
    • Change baud rates for RS232.

Download Matrix Switcher Control Program

Standard in UNIMUX-nXm-U ONLY


How to diagram: Multi-Platform USB KVM Matrix Switch enable up to 8 users to individually command or simultaneously share up to 32 computers.
NTI Part # # of
# of
Desktop Size
WxDxH (mm)
Rack Size Download a PDF Manual
WxDxH (mm)
UNIMUX-2X8-U 2 8 Desktop 254x190x84 1RU 482x254x44 PDF Manual firmware 2.1+: how to allow up to enable up to 8 users to simultaneously share up to 32 computers
For units with
firmware version
2.1 and later.*

PDF Manual earlier firmware: how to allow up to enable up to 8 users to simultaneously share up to 32 computers
For units with
earlier firmware
UNIMUX-2X16-U 2 16   Not Available 2RU 482x305x89
UNIMUX-2X32-U 2 32   Not Available 3RU 482x305x133
UNIMUX-4X8-U 4 8 Desktop 254x190x84 1RU 482x254x44
UNIMUX-4X16-U 4 16   Not Available 2RU 482x305x89
UNIMUX-4X32-U 4 32   Not Available 3RU 482x305x133
UNIMUX-8X8-U 8 8   Not Available 3RU 482x305x133
UNIMUX-8X16-U 8 16   Not Available 3RU 482x305x133
UNIMUX-8X24-U 8 24   Not Available 3RU 482x305x133
UNIMUX-8X32-U 8 32   Not Available 3RU 482x305x133

Compatible Cables

Male to Male VGA,
Male USB A to Male USB B
Part # Length (m.)
Male to Female VGA
Part # Length (m.)