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Rackmount USB KVM Matrix Switch

OSD USB server switch, RS232 control usb switcher

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USB KVM Matrix Switch Standard Features

RS232 Control


  • Female DB9 connector.
  • Baud rate 300 through 9600, DIP switch selectable.
  • Use DIP switches to address up to 15 units, all of which can be daisy-chained and controlled by one serial port.
  • Seven segment displays show what input is connected to each output.
  • Download RS232 protocol manual Download PDF manual


  • RS - causes switch to reset so that IN1 connects to OUT1, IN2 connects to OUT2.
  • CS - causes one INx/OUTx connection to occur.
  • CA - causes all inputs to connect to specified output.
  • RO - reads what input is connected to specified output.
  • RU - reads size of matrix, reports number of inputs and number of outputs on specified switch.

On Screen Display (OSD)

On Screen Display Option
  • Use keyboard or mouse to operate the switch from menus superimposed onto your monitor.
  • Type <CONTROL> + <`> to activate OSD.
  • Control, Scan, & Broadcast functions.
  • View vital port information.
  • Search for ports by name.
  • Search Mode lets the user type in the first few letters of the computer's name and the OSD will locate it.
  • Names can be up to 12 characters long.
  • Shows names of computers on cascaded switches up to 128 ports.
  • Displays the computer's platform next to its name.
  • Modify the size and position of the OSD.
  • Help Screens assist users with the OSD.
  • OS- and software-independent.
  • Our OSD comes built into your switch, so you do not have to install additional hardware or software.

Security Features built into OSD

  • Advanced security included with switch.
  • Each user password & name can be up to 15 characters long, and each switch can store up to 63 users.
  • Administrator can enable or disable all security features and select which computers each user can access.
  • Once security is enabled, a user or administrator must "login" in order to access any of the computers connected to the switch.